About Us

A Sustainable Story

In the Spring of 2008 Ken Kuhne, owner/operator of Biomes, an environmentally friendly home construction company, was wondering how to respond positively to this new and shifting world. He woke suddenly one night with the thought, "I need to help people grow their own food supply."

Ken talked the next morning with his neighbor, Deborah Madison, author of Local Flavors. Deborah, who likes to grow her own vegetables and herbs, suggested that Ken build grow beds as a way she and others could produce their own crops year round.

Ken designed and built the affordable, renewable GROW Y'OWN grow bed system to help people live a sustainable lifestyle, while saving both money and gasoline. Today Deborah Madison plants year round in her nine GROW Y'OWN units. And Ken is producing grow beds year round for self-sufficient new farmers from the desert to the ocean. This business will improve the health and well-being of your community, too.

Sustenance-Sense & Sensibility with GROW Y'OWN.

Winter Raised Beds


Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening


  • Save gas and water growing your own close to home.
  • Walk to your backyard grocery store, no emissions!
  • Summer cover cuts down on evaporation and keeps out critters!

Organic Good Health

  • Use organic soils and mulches to grow produce rich in vitamins and love.
  • You no longer have to buy veggies from companies that pollute the earth with pesticides!
  • Enjoy fresh air gardening & fresh food at your table.

Money Savings

  • One durable garden bed will cost less than your summer salad grocery bill.
  • Work less, drive less. Take pleasure in your yard more!

4x8 Raised Bed