K Howell

I’ve been wanting a vegetable garden for a long time- the only thing that stopped me was a back injury. Ken resolved that problem with these amazing waist high beds! In one day, he and his wonderful crew built these Insta-Gardens! It's only been a few days since we planted, and I’ve never seen happier plants. Ken truly cares about making vegetable gardening carefree. Great thought goes into every detail, including a no-brainer watering system. Now there is no reason not to Grow Y’own! 

—K Howell, Santa Fe, NM

L Weiss

I just had the BEST salad!! I can certainly testify…it was so fresh it was still breathing!

L Weiss, Galisteo, NM 

J Thompson

We had a large buck jump the garden fence and he  had a feast, but he couldn’t figure out how to get into our two Grow Y’owns!!

—J Thompson, Placitas, NM

S Merrick

I LOVE my beds!

—S Merrick, Galisteo, NM

M Radford

I'll be posting photos of our OVERGROWN beds soon! We love our fresh salads and other veggies every day, that would NOT be possible here (in Santa Fe) without them!

—M Radford, Eldorado, NM

R Rowan

“Yeay”! I planted my root veggies yesterday and the covers all work easily, and the whole situation feels lively and very energetic.

—R Rowan, Taos, NM

R Bennett

I read Jane Fonda’s blog about you installing her raised gardens, and wanted you to know how much I respect what you are trying to do in helping and educating the poor, etc, about growing your own food. I am a long time gardener, and know the joy of planting and harvesting. Thanks again for trying to make our world a better one to live in.

—R Bennett

T Tibbits

My mesclun seed mixture germinated in 4 days. Normal is 7-10. Seed in my ‘open, uncovered ‘ bed is not up yet. Planted same day.

—T Tibbits, San Luis Obispo, Cal

D Ames

The Deluxe covers are a real improvement. The screens are great, not only for dispelling the heat, but also for checking on what’s going on inside without having to open them up completely. I also like having the ability to pen them from either side.

—D Ames, Eldorado, NM

E Dupuy

I love my Grow Y’own!

—E Dupuy, Santa Fe

C Owen

Thanks for putting in the irrigation. That has really done the trick! My veggies have just taken off.

—C Owen, Santa Fe

D Bowes

I have seen 5 pounds of spinach come out of one in the dead of Winter under snow- cheap organics.

—D Bowes, Santa Fe

A Goldfarb

The houses are doing great! Minus the lack of water we have to use at the school since the pipes are turned off, they are wonderful in the Winter!

—A Goldfarb, Santa Fe

J Parker

…the quality of your covers are absolutely incredible. Considering I tried to make my own before we talked, I know how hard it is, and your’s are nthing less than fantastic. We definitely can start months earlier in the Spring with these.

—J Parker, Salt Lake City

Homewise, Inc

So wonderful to meet you – and thank you for a terrific presentation – Mike is jazzed and we are eager to have hoop houses at Old Las Vegas Place, Rincon del Sol and Homewise! I know this will be a great product for our customers and look forward to marketing to our audience and having more good, fresh  food go on the tables of the homes we build. What a wonderful product you create – and I love the job creation piece that comes right along with it. —Homewise

B Horwitz

Its pretty amazing. I harvested some of the most beautiful arugula this morning. Totally cool!

—B Horwitz, Santa Fe

Judy Tuwaletstiwa

January 4th, 2009. It's snowing outside. The temperature has dropped as low as 15 degrees. Yesterday I picked arugula, romaine, chard, mache, and parsley. With the plastic covering, our vegetables keep growing. All summer we can eat lettuce under our shade cloth without it bolting. We enjoy fresh greens all year long.

Judy Tuwaletstiwa, artist - Galisteo, NM

Gregory King

April 4th, 2010. I'm mechanically the most inept person in the neighborhood, but your nifty grow bed went together without a hitch yesterday afternoon. Today, we'll dig up sod in our backyard, position the bed in place, and fill it with your prescribed soil mix.

Gregory King - Lexington, KY

Marilyn Oatway

'The 'Hoop' is wonderful! Currently we have 14-15 different veggies growing. We planted March 8th and have harvested various types of lettuce four times. The French radishes are ready to be harvested this weekend. We are really enjoying our Hoop experience.'

Marilyn Oatway, - Bernallilo, NM

Scott Diffrient

scottDifrientI started spinach, beets, arugula, bok choy & parsley on Oct. 28 - germinating them indoors and planting the gro-box on an even grid. It was 4 weeks to the first picking, 6 weeks for 2 salads daily - after 8 weeks we were picking pounds - enough for daily salads, cooking greens, plus extra for some neighbors. It's February now and still quite a little jungle abounds...

Scott Diffrient - Galisteo, NM

3/12/09: This is a picture from this morning of Scott's bed in Galisteo. Its totally filled with spinach in the front 3 rows, and then beets and herbs in the back.

Janet O'Neal

Photos of raised bed gardenNew photos of boxes that have plants that have wintered over and new lettuce coming up from seed after being planted last week!

Janet O'Neal - Galisteo, NM

Liz & Tetsuki

Tetsuki and I went to check the veggie box this afternoon after the driving rains. When we opened the protective awning, we were so surprised to see little red radish heads beginning to poke their tiny heads through the soil! We both cheered and were awed by the creative power of nature. Like new parents in the maternity ward. I remember when they were just seeds...

The entire garden is lush and abundant (and mouse-free). We decided to call the incubator "Ken's Magical Box."'

Thank you SO much!
Liz & Tetsuki


Raised Bed Garden PhotoDear Ken,
See the result after only 4 weeks....topped my wildest expectations! Absolutely fascinating, amazing and fun...

Warm regards Iris

Karin and Roy

We had a great crop of green peppers, squash, salad greens and herbs. The beets, carrots and onions would have done well, if I had thinned them. Mostly I wanted to plant with our 2 and 5 year old daughters and I wasn't too concerned about the output last summer! Overall, we are very, very happy with the beds. We have had a very stressful and busy year with ill and aging parents. Gardening has always given me a great deal of peace. Just looking out at the resting gardens and my beds makes me feel happy during these cold and grey days!

Karin and Roy - Centennial Colorado

John McKay

I installed one of your units in early July of 2009 which is extremely late in Ohio to plant. Within days after planting seeds, I had sprouts and the "starts" immediately acclimated and produced.

As a cancer survivor I am more conscious of what I eat. During my cancer treatments we watch our diet and made sure any produce we bought was organic - NO PESTICIDES We had no idea how expensive buying exclusively organic could be. With your raised bed planter I have been able to have fresher and obviously less costly vegetables and herbs. I don't have to worry about questionable chemicals being sprayed and the handling of the lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and other produce which we consume.

Here is a personal thank you for introducing us to GroYown.

John McKay - Dayton, Ohio

Jeanne Pschor

raised bed testimonial photoraised bed testimonial photoPics of your creation taken today! Not sure how long it has been - about 3 1/2 weeks, I think????? Our little garden is amazing - thrilling! We are already cutting lots of lettuce and taking large pinches of the herbs.

Jeanne Pschor, A Happy Customer